Sterling Silver St Christopher Heart Locket with 18 Chain amp; Jewellery Gift Box itrIC2QyM

Sterling Silver St Christopher Heart Locket with 18
Sterling Silver St Christopher Heart Locket with 18
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This is such a wonderful article! Dawn, you are an incredible macrame artist! I adore my bracelet and necklace from you! Super story. Thanks for sharing it with us:)

jessesmom said 9 years ago

Hey Dawn! Well, you inspired me to find the article through owning a few of your incredible pieces. I already admire you and your work though chatting with you but seeing (or reading, rather) the process that you went through to get to this point was truly amazing and humbling. Too often "handmades" are dismissed by those who know not what they speak of and your description of your process as an Artist should put to rest any thoughts that just anyone can do these things. You have clearly put time, time, time, talent and heart into all that you do and your jewelry (and words) are a beautiful tribute to those that taught you. I am anxious to see you evolve even further. much love, mama! ellen

Bracelet Yellow Gold and White Gold 18nbsp;ktes Links 19nbsp;cm Never Say Never 4oGxEge
said 9 years ago

I have never been to any of those countries but oh my,what a great idea to go and learn from them!!! I know bracelets myself and I only learned it from books and friends. But being on the beach and learning from real artists must be something unbelievable(kind of holiday I would like to go to!) Good luck with your next trips :) Veronika

sosuzi said 9 years ago

I, for one, am truly impressed by the inspired manner in which you went about learning something new. It is in the truest spirit of play and youthful adventure. What an enriching and meaningful trip it must have been. Knotting is a beautiful art form but, it is your vision that is the most exciting! Thanks for sharing :-)

SoulCandyJewelry said 9 years ago

I'm honored by your comments. It was an incredible journey and is still filling me with inspiration. Can't wait for the next adventure!

MelanieMiljan said 8 years ago

I'm so glad to see more people that love macrame. I got into it on my first mat leave and hooked ever since. I am always looking for new techniques to learn. What a great way to plan a trip.

DriftingOnCloud9 said 8 years ago

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